The Numbers Game

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Numbers Game Whenever I’m in a meeting talking about metrics, someone always brings up Velocity. If you’re familiar with Scrum you’ll know that in this context, velocity means the number of story points completed per sprint. If a team completes 4 stories each of which scores 5 story points in one sprint, the velocity of […]

Forecasting Your Oranges

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I’ve been struggling for a metaphor to help explain the difference between statistical forecasting and estimation, and this one came to me, so lets give it a whirl.  Let me express the scenario in some human readable BDD (Gherkin) language Given I am an orange juice shop ownerand currently have no orangeswhen I buy 25 […]

Flow like ketchup

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How a humble bottle of tomato ketchup can teach us about flow, pull and push.  Knowledge work tends to be Complex Adaptive work. That means as you try to solve a problem, the solution leads to a change in the problem you are trying to solve. It’s a bit quantum to be honest. You can […]