Kanban Systems Improvement with KanbanDan

Date 2022-09-01-2022-09-02
LocationOnline Live Virtual

This interactive online workshop, teaches advanced implementation of the Kanban Method and deeper Kanban practices to sustain evolutionary improvements and organisational feedback loops enabled by the Kanban cadences and the Kanban Maturity Model. It is for people who have already mastered the Kanban basics through applying Kanban in their organisation, and want to take their implementations to the next level. This is a hands-on workshop which uses small group exercises alongside instructor-led discussions and presentations. If you haven’t already completed the Kanban System Design class, please contact me before booking as this is a pre-requisite level of learning.

Students completing both Kanban System Design and this class will earn the Kanban Management Professional (KMP) credential.


Managing Evolutionary Change
Dealing with Resistance to Change
Feedback Loops and Continuous Learning
Implementing and Scaling out Kanban
Balancing Demand and Capability
Optimizing Flow and Predictability

Note this class needs to have 5 attendees to run