Professional Scrum Facilitation Skills

Date 2022-10-19-2022-10-19

In this one-day skills-building course, participants will learn how to become better facilitators to improve interactions with their Scrum Teams, stakeholders and customers. They will focus on how to adopt facilitation as a stance and enable the Scrum Values. Students will address a series of common Scrum-related scenarios by applying several facilitation techniques that they can add to their collection of agile practices. They will create and leave with their own facilitation “plan” to improve their next team discussion or Scrum event.

Course Learning Objectives
Develop facilitation skills and a facilitator’s mindset
Learn the facilitation principles that experienced facilitators fall back on when interactions are difficult
Understand the roles that facilitation principles and the Scrum Values play in enhancing healthy collaboration in Scrum Teams
Explore how facilitation can address challenging scenarios most Scrum Teams encounter
Apply facilitation skills and techniques to improve the Scrum events and other interactions
Understand how to encourage diverse perspectives, while bringing the team together to reach decisions
Experience the elements of group dynamics and how they influence the decision-making process
Leave class with a toolbox of facilitation techniques and understand how to apply them in different circumstances

Who Should Attend
This course is ideal for:

  • Scrum Masters and any Scrum Team member interested in learning how to use facilitation to enhance their team’s success
  • Scrum Coaches, Agile Coaches and Consultants
  • This course is not suitable for professionals with little Scrum knowledge or experience.