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Kanban Coaching Exchange – Heretics of Scrum and Kanban

In this interactive session, we’ll explore which approach is best for which type of problem. We’ll talk about collaborative approaches, and how to improve Scrum or any approach to complex problem-solving by adding Kanban to what you already do. I’ll then introduce a simple decision chart to help you choose the best approach to solving …

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Professional Scrum With Kanban – with KanbanDan

An online, fully interactive workshop teaching how to add Kanban to an existing Scrum implementation. COURSE OVERVIEW There is a myth that teams need to choose between using Scrum or Kanban. There are many benefits to optimizing the flow of work in Scrum by leveraging Kanban practices. In this 2 day* training course, students will …

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Look Into My Eyes!

This is a great agile ice breaker exercise you can do with a group of people of almost any size. It is fun, quick and demonstrates a key lesson of agile… I first came across it on a site visit at UsTwo with MOJ Digital, and have used it a lot since then. Materials:A4 paper …

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Successful Interview

Tips for recruiting your 1st Scrum Master

This could be the most important hire you make this decade, your first Scrum Master will set the tone for Scrum in your organisation, so it’s important to get it right. However, if you’re hiring your first Scrum Master, you’re probably just starting your Scrum and agile journey, so you are probably as least equipped …

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Rugby team huddle

Back to basics boys!

Yesterday my first ever coach died. He was a Rugby forwards coach called Fergie King. He was a larger than life character who made a massive impression on my life. To this day I quote him regularly – in fact I did quote him today in a class I was teaching. If I’d have known …

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Olumuyiwa E
Olumuyiwa E5* Trustpilot Review of Class

Excellent delivery with examples.

Robert K
Robert K5* Trustpilot Review of Class

Enjoyed the course and was delivered by a person with a great knowledge and understanding of the subject matter.

JL5* Trustpilot Review of Class

Professional Scrum with Kanban (Dec 2020)
Dan was an excellent trainer who used relevant examples to impart knowledge. The class was delivered virtually and Dan's masterful use of Mural was a fantastic bonus!

Marie S
Marie S5* Trustpilot Review of Class

Really enjoyed the course - fast paced and full of excellent practical examples to reinforce the learning.
Very professional and supportive trainer.

James W
James W5* Trustpilot Review of Class

I attended the Scrum with Kanban course in December led by Dan Brown "Kanban Dan". Absolutely loved the course content and structure. The trainer did everything possible to make it an enjoyable and interactive experience despite being conducted remotely.

Valentina R
Valentina R5* Trustpilot Review of Class

Very helpful practice of Scrum supported by the trainers invaluable experience

Karim J
Karim J5* Trustpilot Review of Class

Best Virtual Scrum training so far. Probably one of the best virtual instructor led training I've ever attended. Very easy to follow and highly engaging. I'd strongly recommended Dan and Oscar anytime!

Fabio T
Fabio T5* Trustpilot Review of Class

Great training
Thorough presentation by the facilitators covering Scrum in just enough detail to be able to explain it apply confidently. The practical exercise that runs throughout really helped the content come alive.